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    Tools like Semrush Keyword Research tools can help.

    My advice, try not to depend on tools 100%. While they are useful, you need to find ways to do it independently to and extent.

    I successfully used Zed for a project and it is live now. It is comfortable when you get used to it.

    I was a bit angry in the beginning as I am using to VS Code. Zed auto prettify your code, which is a great help. All you have to do is write code the way you do and save. It is neatly nested if there are no errors.

    Most CMS already have this enabled. If you are using a frequently updated one, you are safe and nothing to worry.

    In case of forums, it is an accepted practice to set signature links as nofollow. Less headache to admins ;)

    The easiest one? Set all external links as nofollow. Perfect for forums and when you are dealing with a large amount of outbound links. Less work, more effective.

    They say, you are judged by the company you keep. When you allow a link on your website, you are accepting its importance. The higher your page rank, the better for that website. They get the benefit of a back link from a high ranking website.

    The same happens to you. You are vouching for that website / link / content. If it turned out to be a scam, malicious or bad actor website, your website is actually telling people to go there.

    More or less. Say you are in a party or hosting a party. You get a lot of guests. Most of them you know, but you cannot vouch for each and everyone of them. So you say,

    Yes, I took a photo with them. So what? There were so many people at that party.

    If you add a nofollow link, it is equal to the same as telling the search engine / Google Bot that you do not put your weight behind that link.

    In other ways, everything on your web page is treated as your work. Nofollow links are a webmaster's way of disowning a link in terms of SEO.

    Let us say a normal link is added as

    <a href=""></a>

    The above is a normal link of Do Follow or Follow link.

    But a nofollow link is added as

    <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

    They are one of the leading companies / tool in the SEO sector. Ahrefs comes with a lot of information. Some easy to understand, so needs niche knowledge.

    While there are many tools that are beginner friendly, I would recommend not to experiment if you are serious about the project. Once gone wrong, it is hard to win it back.

    To some extent, yes.

    You can find a detailed comparison on their website. If you need their advanced features, then go for the paid version.

    It's a famous and reliable tool. It provides a lot of data and is SEO specialist's favourite.

    There is a small learning curve as it a broad tool, but once you find your way around, it has a lot to tell.

    As someone who helps people get their SEO better, I do it often. It is one of the starting points of achieving better SEO.

    While it is helpful, don't rely on untrustworthy tools and services. There are many tools that give inaccurate information or result. This can be really bad if we try to make changes based on this data.