Affinity is now a part of Canva

  • For those who wanted to see Affinity as a Photoshop alternative, there is news. On March 26, 2024, Affinity blog says


    I am thrilled to announce that Affinity is joining the Canva family.

    The big question is, what will happen to Affinity? Will it remain a good and affordable alternative to Photoshop?

    Canva has been making headlines for a while, and that too for good reasons. So I believe this might be good news for Canva fans. The price involved in this transaction is not known yet.

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  • Another big shot merger. I thought Adobe will buy Serif ( makers of Affinity ). People are not happy on the internet. They don't like big companies taking over promising smaller firms. The talk is on about free and open source options. And more talk about how GIMP fits in.

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