• Has anyone here use Hostinger before? I recently decided to try them out, since they had a deal going on for the first year of hosting. I went with their shared hosting plan, which came with a free domain name as well as a free email account too. I only paid $45 for one year, which isn't too bad of a deal! I haven't had any issues with them so far, but I have heard that someone on Forum promotion once had an issue with them. Hopefully I won't run into any issues with them in the future, I might actually end up switching my other websites to Hostinger if things go smoothly for my current forum.

  • I have seen this advertised when I have been watching YouTube videos and will admit, I have been drawn in by their advertisements but have not jumped in to check them out yet.

    I have heard they offer a great service and the prices are not too bad so will be checking them out.

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