5 Tips to improve your WordPress SEO

WordPress is nothing short of magic. From a blog to a complex appointment system, WordPress allows people to build websites without even writing a single line of code.

This amazing content management system that powers more than ⅓ of the web is free, open source and admired by enthusiasts across the globe.

Even though WordPress by default is SEO ready, we can improve it further to beat other numerous websites using WordPress to compete against you.

Let us take a look at few of them

Yoast SEO plugin

WordPress users across the globe have been trusting this plugin for ages now. Yoast SEO plugin helps you add meta description, help evaluate your content, help with keywords, find dead links and more. There is a free version as well as a paid one.

The free version is good enough in most cases. If you can invest a bit, the paid version can help you get info that only Yoast SEO plugin can provide.

SEO Ready theme

Themes like Astra, GeneratePress etc are known for being lightweight, fast and have SEO optimised code. They also come with a number of useful features and customisation options.

Don’t choose heavy themes unless that is really what you want. Believe me, these SEO friendly themes have more options than that flashy theme you are thinking of using on your website.

If you are getting a custom theme, try proven freelancers or reputed theme houses. They will help you with clean and lean code that works well with SEO and Google.

WWW or not?

While the debate is still on about which one is better, it would be prudent to decide which side you are on. Defining the WordPress URL and Site URL in Settings is something you should not ignore.

To be honest, I believe there is no advantage of choosing one over the other. But let us not make things difficult and pick on to make things easier.

Optimise content

As Google often reminds us, Content is the King. You should really focus on getting it ready for Google. The use of h tags, alt text, proper content structure, keyword optimisation, keyword research, meta and a good title can help a lot in making your content a success.

It is more than that meets the eye. When a Google bot crawls your website, let us make them love you so that the indexing of content is proper.

Content should be written for humans and not bots. That is an area where Google does not compromise. Write content that is useful to people, content that they will bookmark, share etc as a symbol of appreciation.

The Tech SEO

There are a lot of things that are off page in SEO. From a lightning speed, WordPress optimised server to proper mobile ready layout, there are a number of technical aspects you need to attend before your WordPress website is a success.

Adding your website to Google Search Console, submitting an XML sitemap, using SEO friendly URLs, optimising images, security the weak points by scanning using services like Succuri and more can help you ace the race.